Self-Driving Clouds

Is your cloud or network services business under margin pressure because of rising operational expenses? Is your organization moving applications to the cloud but struggling with interoperability challenges across different cloud technologies? Are you looking for centralized visibility into all aspects of your infrastructure and services? Is your goal to fully automate service lifecycle management?

Ubicity aims to help with all of these challenges. We provide Model-Driven Service Lifecycle Management technology that uses comprehensive service and resource models to fully automate service management at all levels of the cloud stack.

Please learn about our products and about the benefits of our approach for service providers as well as enterprises. Feel free to contact us at to explore how Ubicity can help with your service lifecycle automation challenges.


Ubicity products are based on TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications). TOSCA is an OASIS standard language for describing the topology of cloud-based services, their components, relationships, and the processes for managing their lifecycles.

Ubicity implements the TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML Version 1.3 of the standard. Ubicity principals are active contributors to various TOSCA initiatives.

Please browse our repository of normative and non-normative Tosca types or try our free Tosca Validator to validate your Tosca service templates.

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